Tuesday, February 25, 2014

JG Wentworth Einstein Structured Settlements and Annuity.org Top Referring Websites for Google

When it comes to search referral traffic from Google certain websites tend to drive more traffic then others. A recent study using various search engine optimization tools we have found that the following three websites drive a substantial amount of referral visitors for those who are looking to sell their structured settlement payments:

1. J.G. Wentworth
2. Einstein Structured Settlements
3. Annuity.org

All three of these businesses focus on assisting those who are trying to sell future payments that are owed to them in exchange for a large lump sum payment. The JG Wentworth Einstein Structured Settlements websites drive a lot of traffic from being written about on the leading watchdog website structuredsettlements.typepad.com which causes interested parties to search for these companies and inquire about their services which then in turn causes them to work with these companies. It's a catch 22.  In the case of annuity.org their traffic is derived from high rankings for terms correlated to selling annuities and settlement payments. A popular website www.structuredsettlement-quotes.com used to rank very high but has since dropped rankings as a few factors may be at play but a direct search for the website url brings up good-louis-vuitton.com as the url not their official website:

After doing our research it looks like J.G. Wentworth is based out of Radnor, Pennsylvania. Einstein is located remotely overseas and out of the United States and Annuity.org is run by Amag Marketing an SEO firm in Orlando, Florida.

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